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Monday, August 27, 2012

 Bits of the landscape are so familiar

Not mountains, but coulee's. Just tall enough to make me feel at ease.
A childhood in Vermont, a young adult hood in New Hampshire. Both rural states.
 The rock here is what throws me. I am accustomed to granite. Marble. Speckled and resolute. Stone of the ice ages.

That is not this rock. This rock is sandstone, crumbly. Full of fossils and older than time memories of riverbeds long gone.
 The smell is familiar.

Hay, not yet cut, at its high summer sweetness.

The cicadas sing constantly.

Swallows dart and weave.

I feel like I am ten years old and sent out to gather cucumbers. Lifting up cool spikey leaves, I find garter snakes staring back at me.

That smell is this smell.

And then I see the absurd.

Two adults, dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2, biking down the sidewalk.

I giggle and snap a picture.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First I would like to address an unusual search question which brought some unknown person to my blog:

"Why can't women wear stirrup pants?"

Well internet stranger, because no woman has ever looked attractive in stirrup pants, ever, since the beginning of time. Even women who are 5ft10in and weigh 100 pounds do not look good in stirrup pants. That is why women do not do this. We have enough body image shit to deal with, let us not add naturally unflattering pants to the mix, shall we?

So now that I am a PhD and all, what have I been up to? Well..revisions. And more revisions. The damn thing became a fetus that was refusing to vacate. It finally was deposited on August 15th and I was able to breathe a small sigh of relief.

As part of my practice for going back into the workforce, I have taken to attempting to apply makeup every day. In particular, I aim to master the liquid eyeliner.

Yes. I plan to make liquid eyeliner my bitch. 

Here I am after an attempt with green eye shadow which caused Terrance to ask me if I was soliciting for customers. Since I know that he is 1.old and 2. immune to any charm I may possess, I ignore him.

Frankly, we can all agree that I am pretty hot for a lady doctor of 42.

Although I have found myself feeling a bit vain, fretting over the fact that my eyelids don't seem to be as taut as I recall. It isn't that I want to be young....I do not.

I have no need or desire to return to those places. It is simply reacquainting myself with me. 

It is written that we renew ourselves every seven years. Seven years ago, I started this blog.

I lived in New Hampshire next to a lake and was terrified to leave, although I knew it was for the best.

Seven  years later, I return to the United States to move to a part of the country in which I never imagined myself living...let along as a Professor.

I am becoming. Still.

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