Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can I take a moment to express my utter dislike for the Shakira song - "She-wolf"?

Not because I dislike Shakira, nor her right or the right of any other woman to be a "she-wolf" in or out of the closet.

Its that dreadful howl she insisted on inserting in the song. That is the weakest most pitiful howl EVER. That howl indicates a sick and sad she-wolf...certainly not one who is an alpha and being chased by other he-wolves.

Furthermore, I get the distinct sensation that she fell across the word "Lycanthropy" in her word-a-day calender and then decided she would be clever and craft a song around the word.

And while I am kvetching about artists - Hey L'il Wayne. Stop with the metallic computer voice over yours. We don't want you to branch out into rock. Stick with what you are good at, as I am pretty sure your other career options include sullen Wal-Mart restocker or the guy at the gas station who ignores the customers while texting on his phone until the line becomes unbearable.

This goes the same for you - T-Pain. Stop spending your cash on those stupid hats. The gravy train is going to pull away in the near future and you don't have alot of other career options either. You may blame it on the Al-AL-Al-Al-Al-AL-Cohol, but I would suggest poor financial planning is more likely the culprit.

And Finally. I fucking hate Nickleback.

6 Baleful Regards:

Karen Bodkin said...


Fraulein N said...

I would like to go up to these musical "artists" and slap the fucking vocorders out of their hands. Just dashing in and out of recording studios, slap-slap-slapping away.

Dawn said...

Fraulein - You would be the busiest woman in the recording industry - I mean, between Kanye and L'il Wayne, you would have to shadow them a good 23 hours of the day

littletanmouse said...

I am completely convinced Nickleback made a deal with the devil. It is the only possible explanation for their success. At least that's what let's me sleep at night.

littletanmouse said...

Excuse the errant apostrophe and grammar mistakes, I was quick on the post button.

2amsomewhere said...

I used to have moments of indignation and frustration like this. Then I found satellite radio, which has plenty of channels where none of the poseurs of which you write ever get played.


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