Me and My Big Mouth

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back when I was gainfully and steadily employed by a Government Agency, we had a joke amongst my work colleagues.

Let's NOT send Dawn to any meeting where we don't want to offend any attendees, because inevitably - regardless of the meeting - She WILL say something that will get her "Un-invited" to ALL the meetings. She may do this in the first meeting. She may hold out and do this at the middle of the series of committee meetings, but rest assured...It WILL happen.

This little personality quirk has not made me terribly beloved to most supervisors, and believe me, if I could stop it I would. It has cost me more reprimands and punishments than I care to recall. Even as I am sitting there with Dawn-Ego saying "Don't Say it! Don't Say it! Let it Go! Do Not Open your Mouth..." things will slip out.

Like this meeting in the Governors office. As in the Actual Gov's ( at the time) office - at the giant table with the huge leather chairs, where the Executive Council meets, when I said this:

"Seeing as I am the only person at this table who has worked with REAL LIVE children and families, I think these standards that you are writing are ridiculous."

This was edited down from what was in my head which was :"You people wouldn't know a real child if they jumped up and bit you in the ass, furthermore you're are all terribly, disgustingly condescending about poverty and you generally couldn't find your asses with both hands and a flashlight."

While I got in trouble for what I really said, I was congratulating myself for NOT saying what was going on in my head. Small victories is what I am all about.

Which is how I ended up nominated last night for the Home and Parent Governing Council at Emily's school.

Those poor , poor people. They know not what they have done.

5 Baleful Regards:

Laura said...

I'd love to hear you in action...are you allowed to bring an audience?

Dawn said...

HAH! Laura!

You know what else you get in action? The facial expressions. Of which I am a master of keeping None secret.

I am going to write the back story on this this week...The "Incident"

Fraulein N said...

They've got to know what they're getting themselves into by now, right? In fact, that's probably why they nominated you ... they need somebody to play Bad Cop. :-)

Unknown said...

Me too, I wanna see it too!! Those committee folks are in for a ride, huh? Have fun!

Amira said...

If only I could be there too.

Oh and I believe it's called "word vomit" when you tend to spill out what you shouldn't.

At least you don't projectile word vomit, right?

Always a silver lining somewhere...

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