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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dashing into the Blog room to say - Hi there.

No, I haven't forgotten you all. Yes, there is more to tell of the teacher battle stories. Some of it will even end up over at Canada Mom Blogs, where I wrote a little piece (Jury of Peers) about more recent events.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the Principal, the teacher, the Special Ed coordinator and Terrance and I. I am going to try to behave myself. Honestly.

Terrance was in New York for a week, which meant that every possible thing that could be thrown at me in fact DID get thrown at me including my car deciding to not start at the gas station. There was a fairly funny moment with me having my hood up and jumper cables in hand having an African Man speaking at me in Very rapid French asking me to move my car. You know, cause I was blocking other people.

Really? Well, no shit. Ergo the hood up and cables in my hand. No, don't offer to help me or anything, just make me aware of how I am inconveniencing You.

This was followed by Emily developing some hellacious vomiting virus. Like the puke your guts up every 40 minutes, regardless of if your guts have anything in them to puke, kind. Like the "I'm sick, so I need to lay next to you after you have stupidly taken your sleeping meds because you had no idea I was about to unleash this viral destruction upon your household" Sick. Coupled with the "I am too sick to move to the toilet, so I will puke into a bucket which you will need to hold and rinse and return to me every 45 minutes...Then I will lay there moaning and breathing my puke breath onto you as you wiggle around trying to get out of the way of my viral laden breath while both fighting the sleeping meds and trying to maintain enough coordination to manage the puke bucket...."

Fun times.

And when I had stabilized her to the point where I could run out and get her some Gatorade ( and lets be honest, I needed coffee. Like Junkie need for coffee) the car wouldn't start again. With Terrance micro-managing me on the phone from New York as to how to possibly get the car started and should I take Em to the hospital and did I try this....

The fact that I didn't curl into a ball and weep can only be attributed to my extreme exhaustion and post-vomitfest induced shock.

So, that's where I was.

Tomorrow, the school meeting. I'll let you know how it goes.

2 Baleful Regards:

Jaelithe said...

Well THAT sucks. Hope the kid AND the car are fully operational soon.

Amira @ Define "Mature" said...

Oh man.

Hope Emily is okay. Reading that gave me terrible memories of this past weekend when everyone in our house was wiped the hell out from one serious mo-fo of a stomach virus.

It was vomit, diarrhea, gag, gag, vomit. Repeat. Times 4 people. For two days.


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