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Monday, September 27, 2010

And here is where the camera would pan away to the dazzling outfits of the girl band, (ala Labelle)

while a heavy funk groove begins.

So, I am switching medications after 9.5 years on the Prozac-tacular Prozac. of course, I am worried because the LAST time we messed with my medications?

Oy Jesus. Bad Moon Rising.

But my sleeping is way out of whack and I am needing increases in doses with a greater frequency to keep the depression at bay - and I have now been off the Prozac for 2 and a half weeks and while I am not in full withdrawal mode, I can feel the difference.

So I am willing to try it, even with all the crazy shit about it being a derivative of Effexor and will it help, or won't it help, or will I need to go back on the Prozac in a low dose too to make my brain function in some vaguely human way?

Because sleeping for 13 hours a day and still feeling exhausted is no good. Especially when you then are awake until 3 you then feel more exhausted.  Its a lottery where the continual payout is more shit.

But like all people with messed up brain chemistry, you just want it to WORK. NOW.
You want to wake up in the morning and think "Hey. I feel pretty good - Lets get going!" rather than this sloggy feeling of being in opaque water.

So I will either feel better, feel worse, or feel nothing. I'm not loving these odds, I must admit.

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Blue House Studio World HQ said...

Do you work with a psychopharmacologist in addition to a psychiatrist?

Dawn said...

Its an excellent question - In the US I had a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner whom I loved and trusted beyond.. She was excellent and her judgement with my meds was really second to none.

Here in Canada, I only get to see the Psychiatrist for meds, they send me to a psychologist for therapy...but in the Canadian system it seems to be a bit different in the whole prescribing/therapy realm.

On the good side, this doctor at least LISTENS to me, which is ahead of some of the others I have seen and discarded.

But there doesn't seem to be such a beast available to me here. Although Yes, I would much prefer to have my prescriber and therapist be one in the same.

Mary_Flashlight said...

I tried Zoloft (made me sleep and gain 60 lbs in a year and helped not at all with the depression, none of which my OLD doc thought was an issue), Prozac (gave me the shakes), and was on Effexor for about 6 months before it just stopped working. I've now been on Wellbutrin for over 2 years, and thank whoever made it. My doctor and I decided that SSRIs are just not for me. It's kind of hard to find a doctor who thinks that SSRIs are not the end-all-be-all for everyone!

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