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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

For my birthday last week, Emily presented me with this card:

And no, that isn't a beer mug.  It is a coffee cup. She also enclosed a 2 dollar coin with the instructions to "Get a cup of joe on me".

Of course, she HAS had words with other girl. Last week , the other girl tried to exclude her from a conversation and told her to leave.

Emily started to walk away and then - and in her words, "I began to channel You, Mom" - she turned and gave the girl a verbal dressing down.

This included swearing, she later tearfully confessed to me.  My sweet girl gets very upset when she thinks she thinks she has broken the rules.

I soothed her tears with the explanation that sometimes only swearing can properly convey the emotion you are trying to get across.

In my life, I have only ever experienced true unconditional love with one person - Emily.   Her willingness to love me above and beyond shines through any other storm I am managing.

And just because, here are some bonus pictures from Our adventures:

Finding delicious cheese at Jean Talon:

Walking in Parc Mont Royal on Monday:

6 Baleful Regards:

SUEB0B said...

I am jealous of the cheese!

Dawn said...

Oh, the cheese. It is spectacular.

roo said...

Awww! Your little girl is very sweet. I wish I could have channeled you when the other girls tried to leave me out, back in the day!

bridgett said...

Did she almost write crazy and then change her mind? Too funny!
Such a sweet and thoughtful card and gift!

Dawn said...

Exactly Bridgett - She did start to write crazy - then thought better of it.

The Wise Family said...

I can't stop looking at those fiddleheads....beautiful!!!!

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