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Friday, December 02, 2011

I was driving Emily and the neighbour girl to school. They, being 13 year old girls, insist on the local pop station turned up loud at 7:30 in the morning.

This morning it was Usher who was assaulting my ears, with his song "OMG".

After this lyric:

"Honeys got some boobies like Wow, Oh Wow"

I turned the music down and gave this tidbit of motherly/womanly advice:

"Girls, if a man ever says this phrase to you, or uses the word boobies as some kind of pick up line?  You must punch him in the face immediately."

4 Baleful Regards:

Dr. Brainiac said...

Amen - or a well-placed knee to the groin served with enough gusto that he understands one does not take kindly to such objectification.

Jessica said...

I actually had someone once tell me he thought I was so hot I made his balls itch. Is that supposed to be flattering?

Whatever happened to "Hi. My name is __________, what's yours?"

Dawn said...

Skwishee - I laughed so hard at your comment. Honestly I can not even imagine what I would do if approached with that particular phrase. Is he telling you that he has crabs? Asking for Gold Bond powder?

It boggles the mind.

Teena in Toronto said...

Songs were so innocent when I was a kid. Ha!

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