Red riding

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So I have been working on Red Riding Hood, and despite having some worries, I am intrigued with the progress.

There are many things about this rug which are still unknown to me.

The wolf, for example. I have the roughest of ideas as to the stance, the intimacy of nose to cheek.  I have left space on the side of the cloak for the tail of the wolf to wrap up, curling into the the fabric.

I know the way the cloak should be moving. The swing of the fabric as she turns to the side to listen to what the wolf wants to whisper in her ear.

He is desire. He is lust. He is longing.

I started at the bottom of the cape, building it upward. I was sure that it could be constructed no other way, for the motion moves from the ground..the last edge of the cape swings furthest away.

The ripples of black had to be thick pieces of wool, much thicker than what I normally use to outline my figures.

The reds are lush. I collected these for nearly a year before I started, looking for mottled deep scarlets and burgandy. Pinks, purples and orange tones speckle the wools. A cacophany of Red.  For me.

This cape is my desire. My lust, my longing.  All the things I want, all the things I suspect that lay somewhere just past where I can see.

If I go further into the woods, I might find them.

Maybe, like the fairy tales, I will find only ruin. Another woman fallen.

I build it all into this living palate.

Waiting for the day when my wolf whispers into my ear.

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The Gossiper said...

I love this rug. My PhD is on fairy tales and politics and although Little Red Riding Hood is not one of the fairy tales I'm using it is one of my favourites. I can't remember where I read it--it may have been Maria Tatar or perhaps Marina Warner who discusses a particular LRRH who lures the wolf into bed and then realizes she doesn't want to go through with it. She excuses herself to pee and escapes--fallen woman or cock tease? Either way, I love these characters who behave "badly."

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