Go Ahead, Judge Me

Thursday, June 07, 2012

These are only the ones in boxes...prepared for transport.

The ones in bags are not shown.

My joy at figuring out the clever way to make parcels of 4 using packing twine did not impress the spouse.

Yet, I care not.

Here is a garter snake who has taken up residence in my side garden. I am delighted to see him and have spent an inordinate amount of time watching him sun himself.

Shoes and snakes. I am so easily amused. 

6 Baleful Regards:

jwg said...

Just so you know, we thought tying our many books into stacks was a clever way to avoid using so many boxes, and the movers refused to take them. We ended up having to borrow my son's truck and move them ourselves. We were only moving 4 blocks but that doesn't sound practical to get wherever it is you are going.Just a word to the wise. Isn't packing fun?

Dawn said...

Aw, no worries jwg - We are our own movers. The company that the University contracts with could have moved us...5 days after our lease was up. So we do it ourselves.

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the shoes, but snakes make me CRAZY!!!!!!!

Gurukarm said...

The part I'm most impressed with is that you saved all the boxes! You must have a hell of a lot of storage space, lady ;-)

jwg said...

By the way, did you ever tell us where you are going? Did I miss a post?

Dawn said...

No, I never officially mentioned it here.

We are moving to Wisconsin in two week or so. I am amid boxes and boxes of boxes here.

And my defence is scheduled for the 28th, so we literally move the next day

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