Conversation Interruptus

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No. wait. Let me stop you there.

Did you just say to me that you think that Kristen Stewart is a great actress?

You aren't saying this in an ironic manner, correct?

You've seen the same movies as I have, right? The ones in which she exhibits the exact same expression (that of bored indifference or annoyed indifference) in every scene?

Because up to this point, I've really really been liking our conversation and am experiencing a sort of glittery   feeling that I rarely feel with any adult human. One in which I am attempting to seem not goofy and maybe even impressive and mysterious.

If you truly feel this way about the quality of this non-actress then I suspect a deeper character flaw than I may be willing to ultimately forgive.  Bored indifference/disgust in an expression does not equal deep thinker...and it definitely doesn't equate to passion.

What it equates to, overall,  is my desire to punch her in the face and tell her to shut the fvck up.

I also think that it is a testimony of my glittery feeling that I was able to keep my facial expression from going complete "YOU HAVE GOT TO SHITTING ME?!"

The fact that I didn't make the face of utter contempt OR the face in which I am very obviously not saying the words playing through my mind only speaks to how much I was trying to seem normal. Also see glittery feeling.

However, you are WRONG. Badly, terribly wrong about Kristen Stewart. She is a terrible actress.

You are also wrong about the douchiness of St John in the context of Jane Eyre.  He is a douche. You will never convince me otherwise.

*A conversation I should have had six months ago, but instead said nothing. It has bothered me ever since.

3 Baleful Regards:

The Other Mrs B said...

Glad you got that off your chest! Lol.

Dawn said...

Well, truth always outs.

Plus you know how impossible it is for me to not make faces of


when something of this magnitude floats through my mind.

roo said...

J refers to KStew as Bitchface.

I agree.

I was reading an article on Hairpin about Garbo. The author said Bitchface was the only modern actress to approach Garbo's mysterious apathy.

When I told J, he said, "But there's a difference between Garbo's deep, still waters, and Bitchface just having a bitchface."

I agree again.

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