Dark chocolate and espresso

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sometimes I get very tired of being a Mom.

I know, I know.

Not for long. Usually a good sleep, or latte will bring me back to myself.

However, it is the moments when you have said "Get ready for school" for the 18th time, or picked up the underwear off the bathroom floor, or had the same round about argument with the 8 year old about whether or not you signed her permission slip ( come on! Of course I signed it!)

and you think...."When do I get my life back? Will I ever get my life back?"

Because you don't think so, really - you suspect that this goes deeper than you thought as you were deciding to get pregnant and have a baby. That this is the hidden part of the deal.

That this person, whom you adore and who makes you laugh like no one else - This person, who leaves her underwear on the floor everyday- This person, who turns her nose up at the food you have prepared and tells you that your breath smells bad....Well, you would step in front of a truck for this person.

And that freaks you out, a little.

Because as much as you sometimes wish for this person to grow up and leave the nest, you realize that the nest is getting smaller and your baby is much bigger.  That pretty soon, this person who can't keep her damn clothes ON will stop letting you see her naked.

And like very good dark chocolate and espresso, this makes for delicious bittersweet thoughts.

1 Baleful Regards:

1ManView said...

I found this blog looking for another. Since I read what you had to say, I might as well comment. I'm speaking for my spouse also. You are right, one day the clothes keep coming off, than daddy little girl is mommy little girl. She get to her teens and become daddy little girl again. Mom is now mad at you because she comes to you. Then one day she learn how to use both of you. She grows up and make you a grand parent. My thoughts were I'm too young to be a grand parent. Than her five year younger sister goes through the same stages. But this time I'm saying why didn't you have a child when we were younger. But when the little bundle stopped crying in my arms and look up at her granddad and smiled, I felt warm all over. A warmth you can only feel at that prcise moment...

peace and love

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