Victim of Urban Crime

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I suppose it was bound to happen. We live in a big city, after all. Yes. I am referring to urban crime.

Now, we are the family who never had keys to our house in New Hampshire. In 14 years, I never had a key to my house. That is because we never locked our doors. Ever.

Yes. We have had a gnome-napping.

His friends have gone into mourning as evidenced by their hats....

No demands have been issued and no ransom notes received. I only hope he was not sold into gnome slavery, or is in a scene like the gimp in Pulp Fiction - living in a box with a ball gag, being anally raped by a guy named Bubba.

Farewell, Gnome #1 - we hardly knew ye.

8 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...


I like your blog! Sorry to hear about your gnome.

Would you consider adding links to my blogs? I have two that are 'mom resources'. One's just a fun whatever I want to talk about blog and the other is a recipe blog. I try to stick to recipes that take 30 minutes or less.

Check them out.

Thanks for your time. If you think our blogs are compatible I'll definitely be adding a link to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! No no! No gnome thieving! That's just.. the lowest of the low!

Ash said...

Gnome thiefs? What is the world coming too?


mutters to self, shakes head,Hell in a handbasket......

I hope he is returned soon!

Anonymous said...


I am crushed, I tell you. Crushed.

Karen Bodkin said...

It was me.

Give me $6.73 and I'll return him, unharmed.

If you don't comply, he gets the shaft. Or shank. I'm not good with prison terms.

Lisa said...

Hope you get your gnome back! :-)

He could very well show up in a college dorm this fall... (I had some friends in high school that used to rip of pink flamingos and gnomes. When they got to college? The choice decor was flamingos and gnomes. heehee.

Anonymous said...

I loved that gnome like a brother.


maybe post some fliers? "Have you seen this gnome?"

cindylou said...

Maybe he wsan't gnome napped as much as he went exploring? Are there any trashy girl gnomes around?

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