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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to my Arm Fat

I brush my hair, You wave at me
From my bathroom mirror morning ritual
Mousse eyeliner, arm fat

Doesn’t my cleavage look great
In this strapless dress?
Arm fat smiles, dimpled in the sun

I expected my ass to fall
My boobs to droop, my belly stretch marked
But you, arm fat, were quite unexpected.

Mission accomplished
Arm Fat,

7 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Most disturbing for me too.....and least easy to camouflage in the summer

Anonymous said...

Bingo Arm at 35?

Unexpected for me too.

Anonymous said...

"Ode to my Fat Arm"
How I do love thee
Beloved part of me

You greet me in the morning
with a smile and a wave
Always, a smile and a wave
Always glad to see me

Warmth in the winter
Let those skinny arms shiver

Beautiful skin in summer
More beauty to tan

Oh my beautiful fat arm
How I adore your strength

You are mine forever...

Mitzi Green said...

take my arm fat--please.

and my back fat, and my bagel gut, and my fat ass, and my fat thighs...

jb said...

An ode to arm fat...that is quite creative.

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Feral Mom said...

I continue to be distressed at the hair bagel I make by cupping my hands around my navel.

Laura said...

I'm getting married this weekend and all I can think about is all the photos I will have of my arm fat, probably with a little back fat thrown in. Although I'll be sure to advise photographer about that back fat...I might be a little more obsessed with the back fat peeking out of the pretty dress...shudder

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