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Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, Mrs XXX.

You just can't seem to resist can you? Whatever little Napoleonic dreams of dictatorship you possess, whoever you believe yourself to be in your mind? I am not having it.

Now, according to my student teachers at McGill...You are retiring at the end of this year. I was pleased to hear that when the student shared it with me. My drive to fight you was lessened. I could simply wait you out for the year, and then move on.

I even bowed out of the Governing Board running. I am busy. Well, busy avoiding what I should be doing mostly, but I know my patterns well. I volunteer to avoid my responsibilities. Then, I find no time for what I should be doing because I am doing all the things I have volunteered to do..... I know, I know - I am working on it. Acknowledgment is the first step, right?

Perhaps it was when you figured this out that you decided to let your megalomania run loose...

This is the conversation I had with my daughter today after school:

Em: My throat really hurts.
Dawn: Are you drinking enough water? You could be dehydrated. Are you bringing your water bottle to school?
Em: We're not allowed to bring water to class.
Dawn: What do you mean?
Em: We're not allowed to bring our water bottles to class, we have to leave them downstairs in the locker.
Dawn: WHAT? You aren't allowed to drink water during the day?
Em: Well, when we aren't in class. We also can't go to the bathrooms during the day during class.
Dawn: I'm sorry? What? You aren't allowed to use the bathroom?
Em: Not unless it is an emergency.
Dawn: When did this happen?
Em: I guess the bathroom rule started today.
Dawn: Why?
Em: I don't know, I guess it is just a rule that Mrs XXX made....


Now, I am aware that my daughter is a normal child and as such, I do not take what she says at 100% accuracy. I will verify this. With a Letter. To you and the principal. And I suggest you respond for once. I know you love to ignore our notes to you in the agenda...but Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up, and I don't think you want the two of us coming in fully loaded for bear...or in your case, vicious warthog.

There is a place where the people are not allowed to control their movements or bodily functions. Do you know what it is?


I wasn't planning to engage you again. You, however, have forced my hand. If there is one thing I hate, it is teachers who enjoy controlling and bullying children. Who died and made you the boss of who gets to drink water during the day? According to my daughter, you feel free to drink coffee throughout the day.

Oh, lady. Get ready.

5 Baleful Regards:

julia said...

Get her Dawn. I had a teacher in high school, who wouldn't allow us to use the bathroom. Most of us were 18. I had to pee, went anyway, and got 4 saturday schools for it. It was worth every saturday to show that witch if I had to pee, I was going.

Anonymous said...

I am a student teacher and my CT last year stopped allowing water in her class after a couple of kids put their bottles into their desks and water leaked all over their papers.

I think water bottles are fine to have in the classroom, but they are such a pain when they leak in the desks, on the floor, in the knapsacks, etc.

Your daughter's teacher is being a little OTT in my opinion. She should have a bathroom pass. It works well for students, if someone has taken the pass and gone to the bathroom, then the others have to wait. This way there are no meet ups in the bathroom and it's easy for the teacher to keep track of the students. A water pass could be introduced too if she's totally old school.

Dawn said...

I know Anon - I know all the things can can and will do when wandering the halls. Cripes I have even seen some things that defy explanation and ways the human body should be able to move or wedge themselves into...

But in this crazy H1N1 world, where they are squirting my kid with hand sanitizer when she walks in the door - Why not let her have her OWN water bottle? I mean, have you seen the way some kids tongue the water fountain? ACK.

It isn't a school policy, after all. Her teacher the last 2 years has been fine with water bottles. Set them beside the desks if leakage is an issue.

I also found out that this teacher was spoken to in September because she was smoking in her classroom when the kids were outdoors. The kids could smell it when they got back and one parent already spoke to the principal.

But yeah - Two passes - one for a boy, one for a girl and you pay attention to how long they've been gone. One kid comes in - the other goes out. It isn't rocket science....but this bitch has now poked the hornets nest a little TOO often. And I am not the one to poke. Because I also have my teaching degree - and then some - So unless she can come up with some pressing health/safety OR pedacological reason she gets to be a Water/Bathroom Nazi?

Its on.

Madeleine said...

Oh, holy cow, smoking in the classroom!!!! I know this is Montreal and all european-like, but that is some seriously bad judgement. At least you know the principal knows there's a (lucky) strike against her already.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you at all. From what you've written about her, I get the impression she's one of those teachers who's been doing it waaaay too long and need to retire asap. The smoking thing is outrageous. I wish you all the best in your battle with Mrs. Bathroom-Water-Nazi.

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