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Monday, December 07, 2009

I know, I know. It isn't fair to get you all ready  and leave you hanging like that.

Yes, the Parent Teacher Conference was on Thursday and Yes, It went spectacularly wrong. This chick has now also pissed off Terrance, which is hard to do if I have already announced I don't like you. He tends to be supremely contrary...so If I don't like someone, he will do his very best to take their side.

Let's just say she blew that out of the water. By the end of the discussion, she even had him quoting what the specific modifications indicated on Emily's IEP MEANT. In all of our years of schooling, this is the first time Terrance has ever - and I do mean EVER - taken the IEP seriously. Previous to that, he thought I was coddling her or that I was looking for something to be wrong with her.

As I told him last night, I was just preparing and arming us all for teachers like this woman...ones who would tell us about the "multiple difficulties" our daughter was having. How she "wasn't listening" and asked the teacher to repeat instructions.

This story will be told...but I am a little too close to it at this moment. The urge to run into her classroom and choke the everloving shit out her is still strong. So patience. That story is coming.

I will however share the response letter I finally received from her...after I specifically ASKED on Thursday night, letting her know I was still waiting for a response.

It was handwritten in the corner of my typed letter, returned in the same envelope with her name crossed out and my name written under that. I didn't even warrant the respect of a clean piece of paper or new envelope.

" Emily has the 2 statements regarding water bottles/drinking and use of bathrooms correct. Children are encouraged to use the facilities before and between classes, asking to leave the class in an "emergency". Children are also free to drink before and between classes. If they  are thirsty during and it is independent work times, they leave for drinks. So no one is being put through unusual restrictions.

Mrs XXX. 
cc/Principal XXXX
Cycle 3 staff"

Terrance read the letter to me Friday because I was so angry on Thursday I may have waited outside for this bitch to go to her car and tackle her had I read it then.

There will, of course, be a written response. CC'ed to the entire freaking school board. With this little gem photocopied and included. Any one like to add points to be included? My other education peeps who don't like oppressing and demeaning students out there want to chime in?

As she smiled her fake smile at me that night, I once again had that cool sensation of .... Pity.
The momentary feeling of "Oh my. You really do not know what kind of can of whoop ass you are opening here."

But there will be more, I promise.

10 Baleful Regards:

Madeleine said...

Hugs, Dawn. That is some really annoying annoyingness.

Karen Bodkin said...

yowza. she sounds like a real piece of work.

Amira @ Define "Mature" said...

wow oh wow. This is really reaching a certain level of ridiculousness.

looking forward to the story...

madge said...

Part of me can't wait for that can of Whoop Ass. Another part just wants to move Em to another class. Two years with this woman will not be good for your blood pressure. madgeXO

Goddess of Madness said...

Oh sweet feking cripes. Dawn I suggest both barrels. Is she really retiring at the end of this year? Because she is going to be begging for that to be sooner.

C said...

As a teacher I just cannot fathom what this woman thinks she's doing here. If she's screwing with Emily's IEP on top of everything else then you have to elevate the conversation to her administration. I know you know this, but documentation (yours and Emily's) will be your best friend moving forward.

Shannon said...

Oh gosh. Good luck! That really sucks!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on lack of IEP knowledge. You go, Mama!! Bravo to you for fighting for your child's needs!!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already read it there is a great book, "Wright's Law, From Emotions to Advocacy" Personally speaking, our school encourages the use of water bottles in the classroom and also snacks. Bathroom breaks are allowed as needed. If it isn't already in her IEP request that these items be put in because they are "appropriate" - Magic Word. Their goals should be to provide her with the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) that she is entitled to and if allowing her a water bottle/pee breaks allows her to appropriately attend (or addresses any other issues since I don't know what she is struggling with)then it should be included. We are discussing possible gum chewing for our son because it could help with his sensory issues even though there is a no gum chewing policy. Check out the book - let me know if you want to talk, mama bear to mama bear. Good luck!!

Amanda said...

Oh, what has this woman begun? I skipped the newer posts so that I could read them in order. heh.

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