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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I feel like I owe you all an update, but sadly there has been nothing.

No response letter. No phone call, no Anything.

Which seems to me to be an odd tactic. Generally, the parents who were willing to write letters and send them with copies to everyone in their own individual envelopes? Those weren't the ones you wanted to ignore. Those were the MOTIVATED parents. You know, the ones that you should have been taught in Teacher Education can be your best allies - or worst nightmares, depending on your overall teaching skill.

As I do drop off during the week and Terrance does pick up, he reports that he has gotten many odd and inquisitive looks from various staff who were CC'ed.  No one has talked to him, but he gets the distinct feeling that the message was received loud and clear.  Emily reports that people are allowed to go to the Bathroom now - or even drink water in class. Revolutionary!  Of course, she also reported that Mrs. XXX had announced that she wouldn't be teaching them anything new until the New Year so that made our hackles go up a bit.

I go in tomorrow for my volunteer Library stint, so I will be better able to gauge the fall out by the way the other teachers approach me.  Terrance suggested I go in today to help serve at the "Taste of the Nations" potluck that the kids are having. I suggested that he didn't want to send me in there with a pan of macaroni and cheese and a knife while I was still feeling ignored and aggrieved. The great "Taste of the Nations" food fight and massacre averted.

Add into this general miasma that both my husband AND daughter asked me on Monday if I was close to my period. Separately and unbeknownst to one another.

I am not. I have a good almost three weeks before my period, which made me snarl at both of them that my bitchiness couldn't be put down to hormones. So maybe instead of trying to blame my hormones, the world should just straighten the fuck up and fly right.

In hindsight, that does sound hormonal. But I dare you to say it to my face.

Yeah, I thought not.

7 Baleful Regards:

Mitzi Green said...

"But I dare you to say it to my face."

Bitch, I ain't sayin SHIT. ;)

(who loves ya, baby?)

Madeleine said...

We do!

Heather said...

Great Title!

You'd think by now the two of them would be tracking your period!

I'll be interested to hear how the library stint goes.....

Cindylou said...

If only periods stayed predictable. I know you are younger than I, but my cycle has a life of its own now.

Fraulein N said...

Vive la revolution!

Linda said...

I'll say it to your face, but only because I can relate. A bit pre-menopausal perhaps? (ducks and runs for cover...)

Blue House Studio World HQ said...

Just wait until your daughter begins....

This is my first time commenting - long time reader - just so you know, my moniker alludes to hormones not hipness.

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