Grabbing the Bull

Friday, March 19, 2010

So, after my perpetual whining about how I should be more popular as a Blogger and  my infernal waffling on whether I am any good as a writer, I present This:

I thought about nominating myself, but then I got all weirded out about doing that. It just seemed a bit Gauche. And God knows, I swing between not wanting to be Obvious and screaming "LOOK AT MY BOOBS" in any given week.

So I leave it to you, my gentle readers. If something I have written has touched you, or made you laugh, or just made you feel good - or shit, even if it made you feel kind of bad, but you learned something....consider nominating one of my posts. Or all of them. Or none of them. Entirely up to you. Following the link will take you to the page which describes the categories, and a place to submit your nominations.

I'm not the most bubbly blogger on the internets, a lousy team player, and my attitude has never been one which is described as "peppy" BUT I am a damn fine writer. Even I, in my waves of self flagellation and doubt know this deep down.


3 Baleful Regards:

SUEB0B said...

I nominated "Where My Wild Things Are." Good luck. It is such a great experience.

julia said...

I can't pick. You tell me what some of your favorite posts are, and then I will nominate my favorite of those.

Dawn said...

Oh Julia - You slay me. I started to read my old posts and then got all caught up in them...Its like choosing your favorite child.

Oddly, I rarely re-read the post once it is written, so I forget, if you believe it. I was taken aback at the rawness of many of the posts. Even in the funny there is rawness. I am not sure if that is good or bad, but that it simply Is.

I lean towards my Funny ones, because sadly, I can make myself laugh.

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