Parental Kryptonite

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yesterday, Em had Teacher Workshop day.

I decided we would do errands and shopping first thing in the morning.

The errands usually become some kind of mental death match between me just trying to get THROUGH it without becoming the "Crazy mom beating her child in the Wal-Mart parking Lot" and my just handing over my Debit card and whimpering for quiet.

Not yesterday. Yesterday I unveiled the strength of my "L'il Jon" impression to my astounded daughter.

By answering "What?!", "Bring it Back", "I ain't Scarrred" and "OK!" to just about every utterance out of my daughters mouth, I was able to render her fairly quiet.

This is not something I shared with Terrance. He has to find his own way with her. I can't be giving away all my secrets, and he can probably do a Much better "L'il Jon" than know cause of the dreads and blackness and maleness and all.

As I lay my sad and sorry achey, period starting self in the bed this morning, I hear his secret weapon unveiled.

"Emily wants to party all the time,party all the time, party alll the Tiiiiimmmmmmmeeee."
He does a pitch perfect Eddie Murphy in red leather Rick James pants impression.

Emily groans. "Stop it, Daddy!".

He does it again.

I smile.

We have found a chink in her armor. Parental singing.

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MOCK! said...

I find it works in class with my students, too! They always seem shocked that I know the songs they know....

the sandwich life said...


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