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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It should surprise no one that the show I am most looking forward to seeing - in the HISTORY of shows on television -is The Walking Dead.


As in "I have been reading this comic since it came out and it is the most amazing comic ever written"

As in "I might be persuaded to have another baby, if it was with Robert Kirkman (writer of said comic)"

Totally FanGirl. Or FanGurrl. Whichever you prefer.

At Blogher, I spied with my little eye some crazy cool bitches that I was all "I need to get me some of THAT, cause those are MY Peoples".  Yep. It was the MamaPop crew.  I recognize my people and THOSE were my people. 

Do you see where these two worlds are going to collide? Oh hell, yeah. 

So here is where I make my case. I should, by all rights and by-laws of things Zombie, get to be the writer for the MamaPop recaps of the Walking Dead. I don't care if they just dance me out for zombie discussions, then tie me up and toss me back INTO the "too weird even for us" closet.

In bullet form:

  • I know the difference between "Infection" zombies and "Reanimation of the Dead" zombies. Infection zombies, seen most recently in movies such as "The Crazies" or the "28 Days/Weeks Later" movies would not in most instances be considered True Zombies. The Walking Dead has "true" zombies - or people who have died And THEN are reanimated. 
  • The only way to kill a zombie is to cut off it's head/destroy the brain.  I might advocate burning the head too, but I think that you generally don't have enough time for that when escaping the zombie horde.
  • Unlike many "Infection" type zombies who can run, they move slowly. Their strength, however, comes in numbers. They cluster together and overwhelm your ability to cut off heads. They also don't climb very well, which is why people often seek shelter in High Rise buildings.  The danger in that is the slow but steady buildup of zombies moving towards you. Once they figure out where you are, they are like homing pigeons.  Dead, brain hungry homing pigeons.
  • I can cleverly discuss nuances in the zombie storyline. For instance, the recent movie "Pontypool" used a device in which the "zombie infection" was passed via language.  As a Canadian movie, there was an added layer of intrigue in so much that speaking French did not seem to pass the virus. Social commentary on the bilingualism in Canada and the power of language? Hmmmm. 
  • The Walking Dead, like so many of the best Zombie storylines, is more about what the Humans become AFTER the zombies arrive. The Zombies can't be helped. Their nature is to eat brains. But the Humans?  Now therein lies the story. Its the world After zombies which must be de and re-constructed.
  • I have seen zombie films in a variety of languages and cultural backgrounds. Honestly. Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Haitian,  Norwegian...And once Rammbock comes out, German zombies too.

Do you need more?  For instance, I have trained Emily to know what to do in the case of the zombie apocalypse. With express orders to cut off my head if I get turned. We already know Terrance will go down fast, as his logical mind will be blown by the carnage, making him an uber easy brain canape.

My other ridiculous talents lie in many other graphic novels story lines and plots. Mostly smaller ones like The Luna Brothers, or crazy ones (I love Garth Ennis' "Crossed"). Also, Asian Films...And Non English European Films. 

I am finishing a serious love affair with Norwegian Actor Kristoffer Joner at the moment.  See Naboer or Hidden. And tell me he isn't awesome.  I'll have His baby right after Mr. Kirkman's.

So MamaPop. The choice is yours. You can have me ON your side when the zombies come, or Not. 

But I would want me on your side, cause shit is going to get crazy.

3 Baleful Regards:

Amira said...

What a pit it would be for MamaPop to not have you onboard their zombie task force. Clearly, you're a leading expert on this matter.

Amira said...


Anonymous said...

just curious have your read World War Z and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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