I value your opinion about my parenting

Monday, January 10, 2011

My friend Marsha was recently sharing about an encounter in which another parent shared their opinion about her parenting....which is a rather dangerous thing to do to most women, but a particularly bad thing to do to a Blogger.

Cause we blab it all over the internetz.

So, in her honor, I created a new T-shirt.

Behold the front:

and the back?

I think it really says is all, don't you?

3 Baleful Regards:

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

My favorites are the Armchair Parents - those who have yet to procreate. Oh sure, I was one, too. The kind with all the answer and none of the children.

Anonymous said...

So true. There is no right or wrong way about parenting...

Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

Oh, how I would LOVE to wear that to all the Mom's group playdates!


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