Jaded, But Hopeful

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have half a dozen really kick ass posts in the works. I honestly do.

But February has suddenly risen from its bed and grabbed me in the last vestiges of winter embrace, knocking all intent and purposefulness from my brain, leaving me cloudy and confused.

Not unhappy, mind you.

Lethargic, but not from a satisfying meal.

Sleepy, but not tired.

Restless, but unfocused.

I know if I can only hang on a few more days, I will have beaten you February. You will be forced to concede to March, when the signs of spring start to occur with more frequency. Rain boots will replace winter boots and my outerwear will begin to reflect more festive times to come.

For they are coming, the festive times. I can almost smell them underneath the snow. I see them in the blue pale legs of over optimistic college students.

I stretch in my winter dry skin, pushing out against the chapped and cracked surface. It has been hard, this winter. Hopelessness, the bride of February, accompanied me for too long.

But just a few more days.

A few more days until I can stir in my cocoon, reaching out for the sun, and rain to help me blossom again.

3 Baleful Regards:

the sandwich life said...

God yes....sleepy, but not tired, restless, but unfocused.....oh yes, yes, yes!

benmcclanahan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mitzi Green said...

oh, you too?
i swear i'm surprised i haven't lost my paying gig. my posts are sporadic at best (and non-existent at worst). i start them, but i just feel like i'm singing the same boring old song and oh, look, there's something shiny...
and if it f'ing snows this weekend i'm going to hurt someone.

(oh, and in case you think you have a stalker--the deleted post was mine. i was, apparently, signed in as my husband. stupid auto-sign-in crap...)

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