I did it for the Hat

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I got my Master's Degree in 2005.

You get a fancy hood to wear when you get a Master's degree. It has the color of the school from which you are getting your degree. I always get Light Blue for Education. Really not my first choice, but Hey. I wasn't consulted when the colors were handed out.

What I wanted though, was not the morterboard thing I had to wear on my head, but the velvety hat I saw other people wearing.

I leaned in toward Terrance and said "Hey, How do you get one of those Hats? Cause I want a velvety Hat!"

The answer was to get a Phd.

So I plan on rocking the Hell out of a Blue Velvet Tam about this time Next year, Peeps.  Gives me time to find some seriously smoking shoes to match.

1 Baleful Regards:

MarciaAnn said...

and I believe knowing your penchant for shoes, you will find the most rockingest pair!!

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