Sunday, November 06, 2011

There are many things I love about Montreal, truly. This city, for all of it's bizarre schizophrenic dual cultural and linguistic heritages continually at war with itself, shimmers in a way I have never before experienced.

On a gloomy and cold Saturday, we walked up rue Metcalfe towards Sherbrooke having just finished dinner downtown when I looked up.  And saw that the restoration of the church had been completed.

And not just any church, but the church where the Tiffany Glass lived.

Last Year, the museum hosted an amazing Tiffany exhibit, with one of the anchors being the glass created for these windows. Magnificent panels of stunning size, intricacy and beauty. (some of you may also recall me getting nabbed trying to take pictures inside the exhibit, while attempting to pretend I neither understood french, nor could read the signs...wink)

And here they were, restored to their home - glowing like a beacon.

But Wait. there was more. This statue.  I am smitten by it. Entirely smitten.  I can already tell you that it has moved aside my love of the concrete Tai Chi statues that were moved to the Botanical gardens from Parc Mont Royal.

It is clear to me that this statue and I are going to need some time together.  In a variety of weather conditions. If you were to ask me why I don't think I could express it. At least not yet.  But it feels special. As if it were placed there for me.

And finally, This sculpture. Of which this is only a very small portion, but which I spent several minutes puzzling out how I wanted to see it...until I realized it was from the bottom looking UP.


I love Montreal.

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