Friday, November 04, 2011

I am perpetually taken with texture. As I sat yesterday, waiting to pick up Emily from school, I looked down and saw the wool, against the cotton. My hand peeking out of the sleeve.  The richness of each piece making the others shine.

The bear in Snow White and Rose Red

Perhaps it is my affinity with textiles that make me preternaturally sensitive to such things - some sensory need that makes me want to immerse myself in them, like sinking down into a hot bath. 

I don't have much else for you on this cold, rainy November day.  I feel empty and old today, but I know it will pass. 

Tonight I will work on more of the Snow White and Rose Red rug. The bear pleases me beyond measure - his movement, his motion, his colour, the last minute decision to ring his neck with flowers - all of it. This is how I know my odd little intuitive way of designing rugs works for me. The pieces knit themselves together as I go along.  And I already have my teacher dying me wool for the next rug - which will be Little Red Cap, so I am planning the wolf, in all his glory. 

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