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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When did I become this woman?


Seriously. When did I become the crazy mother with all the crap in the trunk?

Yes, That is a tinkerbell pillow waaaaayyyyy in the back. It flips into a writing desk! How handy!

Here are Gimlet Eye, we are all about transparency. At Balefulregards, I did a photo expose of my bathroom, including looking into my medicine cabinet AND under the sink. I pulled back the shower curtain - literally - to share what was in there.

So, I'd like to christen Gimlet Eye with this photo expose. My car trunk.

Now this is a BIG trunk. I have crawled in the trunk and been completely inside, with room galore to spare. When we looked at cars to purchase, my delight with the size of this trunk was palpable. I may have done the crawling INTO the trunk right there on the lot (cough, I will not confirm nor deny this).

The designers of this trunk were either:

1. Women looking to hide shoe purchases from their significant others


2. Ne'er-do-wells looking to dispose of some "goods".

Over time, my trunk has filled with various and sundry items. I occasionally purge the trunk, and mysteriously it re-fills.

First, I would like to say - "Windshield De-Icer" people. Yeah, not helpful. New England ice laughs in your face.


That yellow thing is a sled. You know, in case we're driving along in May and a freak snowstorm overtakes us. We are ready at the drop of a hat to pull over and commence the sledding. Or, I suppose, it may be the only way to get home, after I rig some kind of halter from kite string and get to trudging while Emily complains how "cold" and "bored" she feels.

The colorful thing is a Kite. There are actually three kites in my trunk. I believe they were last flown two years ago.

And yeah, ok, that might be one of my strappy wedge sandals. When you see me kite-flying on the sled in the snow storm, I'd like to have the right shoes... Geesh.

Emily keeps a few pair of shoes in the trunk, too. A girl can't be too prepared, I say, and I've trained her well.

The thing on the bottom right hand corner? Emily's Top Hat with sparkly red ribbon from her Tap recital...last June.

Another angle...


Keeping with the "always prepared" theme, we have an ice skate shield. These are particularly helpful when not on the ice skate. One red mitten. The other Strappy sandal. Some CD's I'd forgotten about. The toy bar from the "Bitty Baby" carseat, as well as the bottom to a "Bitty Baby" outfit.

The top of a container ( lime green) that I am pretty sure has been gone for a couple of years. Several notebooks belonging to Emily. Some natural based bug repellent and a receipt ( most likely for shoes) that I am hiding from my spouse. I may be deceitful in the shoe purchase department, but I care if I am slowly poisoning my child and the environment with deet.

Things you will not find in my trunk:

Water. Windshield fluid. Jumper cables. Oil, or other needed car fluids. Blankets. A Flashlight. Firewood. Flares. Sled dogs, the Donner party cookbook, snacks, or any other things most humans might consider "useful" in an emergency situation.

B-U-T, if your emergency involves needing some kite flying, sled toting, wedge sandal wearing, top hat,  Various CD having, natural bug repellent using person who has a pillow that becomes a writing desk. I am your woman.

Originally published May 13, 2006

1 Baleful Regards:

Tyra Shortino said...

Dawn, you've got loads of things in your trunk. Hehe. You can arrange that though. Why not buy boxes and pile them according to size or use? Then, a shoe organizer would do well in organizing your sandals; you can even put more shoes if you want to.

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