First week as a University Professor

Monday, September 10, 2012

Holy Hell, I'm tired.

One week down. I don't think I have failed too spectacularly as of yet. A couple of lectures were a little too long, a couple too short. One thing even went really, really well - better than I expected.

Everyone seems to believe that I know what I am doing, even when I am hearing the small voice in the back of my head yelling at me to throw the glitter bomb and make a run for it.

But Tired? Good gravy. I'm tired.

2 Baleful Regards:

Mitzi Green said...

Hang on. You got this far. You are, apparently, indestructable.

Tam said...

I hope you don't mind, I'm totally stealing the "throw the glitter bomb and make a run for it" line. I love it.

You'll be fine. Just don't let them smell fear.

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