Someone needs a new translator

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A work colleague of mine recently went back to his European country of origin for a holiday.

He was shopping for clothing for his children in a chi-chi boutique when he came across this logo, emblazoned on the clothing.

Aside from the bear looking as if he is experiencing anal rape AND calling your mother a whore, this can only serve as a warning to not wear the logos of things you can't read.....

8 Baleful Regards:

Fraulein N said...

Dude. If you lived at the Wild Fuck Reserve, you'd be making that face too.

House of Jules said...

That image made me laugh out loud!

Don't confuse "De Puta Madre" (I'm feeling good/I'm hip) with 'whore mother'.

I totally want that patch, but only because I'm feeling good, not because I'm a whore or something.

House of Jules

Her Bad Mother said...


Want one.

Marie said...

Somebody's translator went wild with the second phrase. It probably sound much hipper in the first language.

I tried to comment when I first saw this, but Blogger told me I wasn't authorized to comment on this post! So go figure!

mamatulip said...


Lisa said...

Had comment problems on a bunch of blogger sites lately. Sorry for not getting back sooner.

Oh that is Wild Fuck funny! Anal raped. hehehehehee.

justme said...

what??? that is real ??? how does this happen ???

Anonymous said...

Jules: sorry, but it still means what it means, just because something is "motherfucking" or "bitching" good it may alter the context but not the underlying reference. Making it no less inappropriate in my opinion.

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