She HAS been looking at me strangley

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Waking last night from my cough riddled sleep, I stumbled out of my bedroom towards the bathroom.

As I looked to my left, I see La Chatte staring, transfixed, at the television.

I pay this no mind as I am intent on getting to the bathroom to swig more cough syrup.

As I exit the bathroom, I stare at the cat - who is not even looking in my direction - so fixated is she on absorbing the images she views.

I croak: "Whatcha watching?" to Terrance.

"Grindhouse - and the cat hasn't moved since it came on."

I go back to bed, vaguely worried about La Chatte's unique interest in "Death Proof", as I suspect she really is planning to bump us off.

Other cats? Watch squirrels or birds. Mine? Grindhouse.

6 Baleful Regards:

Mitzi Green said...

watch your ass. and your shoes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. She is clearly planning something. BTW, does La Chatte have a name yet?

Dawn said...

Nope - she's La Chatte.

It just seemed to suit her - Like a Cat version of "Mrs X"

Anonymous said...

Every time you post a blog it brightens my day! Thanks for being awesome!

Sorority in the City said...

I love it.

My cat likes reality TV. Survivor and Top Model are his favourites.

Jaelithe said...

Hmm I think that perhaps La Chatte needs to be introduced to Vlad. You know, just in case.

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