Um. Thanks Honey..I think.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I was sitting on the couch braiding Emily's hair. She was making terrible noises. She ALWAYS makes terrible noises. Noises like I am branding her feet with a capital "T" for "tender headed". I am ignoring her.

Commercials are on. Some vague advertisement for skin cream which will make you look like a small Spanish actress are flashing before our eyes.

"Mama? What are those things FOR?"

"What things? The creams?"

"Yeah - what are they FOR?"

"Well - some people think that if they use certain creams, it will help them look young."


"Well - I guess for some people, they are really concerned about the way they look and they think that if they use this cream they will look better."


Pause. LONG Pause.

"You don't use any of those creams."

"No honey, I don't."

"You're not like other moms."

"What? What do you mean I'm not like other moms"

"You don't care about the way you look - you don't need to look young."

"Um. Thanks Honey, I think."

7 Baleful Regards:

Madeleine said...

Ha! I think that is a compliment. You know better than to bother with that rat race.

The commercials during our hair-braiding time are endless repeats of Three-named Ghost Actress selling pimple cream. My daughter groans and hits mute.

Is there a child on earth who isn't "tender headed"? I mean really, who are these mythical children who don't mind having their hair combed?

Mitzi Green said...

obviously you have not sent her to the Wisecracking TV Kid Sidekick School of Adult Suck-Uppery, or she would have said "you don't use those because you don't need them, mama--we already look like sisters."

iheartchocolate said...

My step-daughter said to me once, when she was 3..."Mandy, you have a really BIG butt!"

They are brutally honest.

mamatulip said...

Ah, those veiled compliments from our daughters. So lovely.

Woman with Kids said...

Oy. Boy 2 excitedly pointed out - to everyone at the amusement park within a 10 mile radius - that hey, mom, your leg jiggle every time you walk!

La said...

WOW. Kids DO say the darndest things. The thing is, kids don't really have it in them to insult do they? So she really did think it was a compliment. I'm not sure which is worse, lol

Anonymous said...

Compliment? In my house such remarks general continue on with: you're just a mom anyway, it doesn't matter what you look like.

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