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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Xhaustion – the new fragrance for today’s woman

Xhaustion- for the woman who works full time – in or out of the home

Paris, France- Women cheered as the new fragrance “Xhaustion” was launched. Created by accident when a pan of milk boiled down, burning the bottom of the pan. The pan was left with lemon dish soap to soak in the sink, and later had peaches, applesauce and hotdogs placed inside while the dishes were being rinsed off.

While the fragrances creator is still unknown, the Man who brought the fragrance to market had this to say about his unknown muse. “I am entirely grateful for the fact that who ever this mistress of scent may be, she felt compelled to simply throw the pan out in the garbage. When I walked by that trash can and smelled that aroma, I knew I had a winner,” stated Jean St. Schadenfreude.

Aimed at the woman is so tired she can’t tell her black shoe from her blue shoe, Xhaustion signifies a departure from Schadenfreude’s earlier, floral based fragrances:

“The Woman who wears Xhaustion projects a sense of inner defeat. She seems to say to those around her “Just eat the fucking cheese doodles and leave me alone.”

When approached on the street, women who smelled Xhaustion were unaware that they smelled anything.

“Is there something in this bottle?” asked an unidentified woman, walking by in a broken heel and hunched over with a large, overstuffed purse.

 Another woman, with one baby in a front carrier, and another in a backpack was heard to say, “What? What? Good God - do you see a binky? I can’t find the binky!!,” before she ran down the street – apparently consumed by the joy of the Xhaustion.

Whether worn for a night falling asleep on the couch while watching “Lost”  reruns after eating several Advil Liqui-Gels for your raging headache, or a day filled with attempts to teach your child to speak Japanese phonetically so the other playgroup mothers don’t cast you out, Xhaustion is a very versatile fragrance.

4 Baleful Regards:

Petrat said...

Tea all over the place... thanks Dawn.

Harry/Sally said...

Don't whether I like your blog so much because I'm not there anymore - or because I remember being THERE so vividly...

Suffice it to say, I love reading it, and I miss it between-times (when you're - I realize this - too busy with REAL LIFE to write.. .but no pressure!

Dawn said...

Than ks ladies - it has been one of those week(s) - On one hand, my writing of my comps is actually moving. On the other, I am completely submerged in Social Cognitive theory.

Kristine said...

OMG, seriously awesome!

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