Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 I've been promising my sister in law for eons that I would scan the few pictures I have of my brother and I as younger versions. Since I had the scanner out for the dissertation, I figured I might as well those these on  too...

1974 - Dawn and Donnie
 I wish I had the picture of he and I an 1986, when I am in full new wave punk regalia, spiked pink/orange hair and jewelry..and he looks kind of bored and irritated. The way all 12 year old boys look when forced to pose with their sisters. 

Of course, in this picture I am still his beloved. He followed me around. He slept in my bed when he could.

Here he is circa 1986, with our sister Jessie in Cape Cod. I loved those vacations, for I love the sea. Donnie and I were swimmers, always. I am not sure Jessie ever took to it - partly due to her very fair skin and the fact that we continually had to put nuclear blast level sunblock on her to keep her from frying. My brother and I wore little to no sunblock then, the natural protection of our Cherokee great grandmother echoing through our quick to deeply tan skin.

Finally, appropo of nothing, here is the initial sketch for the Red Riding Hood rug. I am not entirely happy with the way the wolf is proportioned, but this will be the general pose. Intimate, maybe slightly menacing, but more intimate than anything, as if he is whispering in her ear. Promising Turkish Delight.

2 Baleful Regards:

Teena in Toronto said...

Aren't you guys cute :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn! I wish we had more pics! You guys are adorable! Can't wait to see you- we will have to get an updated Dawn/Donnie picture! Keri

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