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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I haven't done this for ages...partly because I switched to funky walking shoes for a good portion of my time in Montreal.

Oh Yeah. I have very cute clogs and merrills and rocket dog sneakers in a variety of colours and fabric styles.

Yet , as we all know, my heart has remained in heels. I glaze over and my smile wanders off to shoes I will have...or do have....or will continue to search for until I find them. For I will find them.

If you are newish to my blog and couldn't tell by the banner? I like shoes. I like HIGH heels. I will suffer if the shoe is beautiful enough, with gratitude for my ability to find the perfect shoe to meld with whatever look I am attempting to pull off.

Did I ever show you the pictures I took maybe a year or so ago? Someone asked me how many shoes I had...and to be a smart ass, I assembled them and took pictures.... This is just One.

Excluded from this photo ( aside from the ones you can't really see on the edges)? Boots (Rain and Leather), "Casual Shoes": So, Clogs, merrills, sandals, strappy wedges and anything else I wouldn't really wear to the office.

Now, in my defense ( as if there could really be a defense here, but bear with me) I take really good care of my shoes.

Many of these have been with me for up to ten years, for I carefully re-box them once they are worn...and then arrange them by season in the closet.

Sigh. I know. I know.  But the joy of walking out in the right pair?

Over the past weeks I have been shoe hunting again. In preparation for my transition back into the world of Professional Dawn. I've even thrown out all my old makeup and bought new stuff.

So here are some of the new goodies. Forgive me for my "Taking pictures of my own shoes while  leaning over in modified yoga poses" skillz have grown rusty over the past couple of years. AND I have to keep 2 rabbits and a cat from trying to photobomb my every shot. 

Why, Hello there dark brown leather knee high riding boots that have been hiding in the basement since December. In fact I DID pay full price for you, and am glad I did - as you are no where to be seen now. Your companions (not pictured), the Black over the knee riding boots say Hello.

Up first, we have these lovely versatile camel leather numbers. I was iffy on the stacked heel - But these are ridiculously comfortable with a good foot bed, so you can really walk in these babies. I also like this wooden heel look. As I am about to be awash in custom made for me vintage pattern dresses, I wanted some neutral heels - I had some of the dresses made in brown plaids, so these will be perfect.

First of all, I must say that my ankles have retained their fabulousness.  I mean - Come on. Do those look like the ankles of an almost 42 year old woman?  

Now, onto the shoe. Notice the wooden heel here too? This was the search for the taupe/beige heel that wasn't patent leather. Yes - I caved and got the patent leather, which you can't see so well in this light BUT not so shiny that crows are going to fly into my feet mistaking them for treasure. Or maybe they will. These are some pretty fucking hot shoes.

(And yes, I was wearing Yoga pants. Come on. It was a saturday night and I was at home taking pictures of my shoes. You can't have the full show. Well, unless you buy me drinks - then we can negotiate the full show....)

Ok - By rights, the one pair of taupeish shoes should have sufficed - But look at these! So cute! A lower heel than I would normally choose, but a T strap. I am a sucker for  T-Straps. And Mary Janes. And they were on clearance and kind of quirky. 

So kind of the same style as the T Straps...in a mary jane. Plus a very versatile color here - that deep rusty copper brown. Again - the vintage dresses are going to look great with these shoes.

I have had a Betty Paige dress that I haven't yet worn because none of my red shoes looked right with it. It is a cute white-with-red-polka-dot number that has a sailor style fold down in the back.  When I saw these, I immediately thought - "Oh - these go with the polka dot dress". Also the cork heels...which I have seen done hideously on some shoes, but it actually works on these. Annnnnnnnddddd Also: Look how great the ankles look?

And finally - these are a dark grey...patent again ( I couldn't avoid it) with the double strap. I know it's hard to see the color in this picture, but these pleased me immensely. I have been searching for good grey heels as my favorite pair is beginning to give up the ghost.

The only thing I didn't find? Navy Blue. But I have not begun to despair....I just have to wait out the hideous colors in the stores now ( Um - neon suede? really? Do 12 year olds design these shoes?) and continue to search.

7 Baleful Regards:

madge said...


I can't take it! The unrelenting beauty is to much!

madge said...

TOO much.


Dawn said...

oh madge....I know You get it, and I understand that your spelling ability was overcome by the saliva pouring out of your mouth....

NOW once I get a job I can walk all over in these babies and make the undergrads wish they didn't wear those hideous Uggs.

Petrat said...

Damn it those taupe mary janes would be kick ass wedding shoes

kate said...

Ooh, I have to say that I am so not a shoe person, but for some reason I enjoyed this post immensely-- and no, I don't have an ankle fetish ;)

All of these heels are way too high for me but I love the coppery-brown mary janes, and the cork-sole red ones... Maybe someday...

Gurukarm said...

Yes, it's true. You have both awesome ankles, and awesome taste in shoes!

There's not a single pair here that I could pull off, but I was drooling over them anyway, on your behalf.

Mayor N said...

I don't know if you still work on this blog but I absolutely love the brown vintage Mary Janes you have, would you be able to tell me the brand of the shoe? I

I would like to find them or at lest second hand. I love them!

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