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Monday, July 26, 2010

It's funny. I have been so freaking proud of myself for simply GOING to BlogHer that I forgot about the other "stuff" that the conference involves.

Mainly Parties.

Now at my first and most beloved San Jose BlogHer of 2006, there were no "parties". Unless you count the women drinking around the pool until the sun came up the next morning. Cause that was how exclusive it got then. You wandered in, sat, drank, smoked, laughed, and generally did whatever you felt until you either fell into an exhausted heap OR saw Sasquatch.

I know there are a few peeps out there who still remember Sasquatch. Or I entirely imagined him in some alcohol/nicotine infused fugue state, which I can't entirely rule out.

In all honesty, I met most of the women who have remained my tru-luv blogger friends at that conference. There were no brands. No parties, no books to promote. Just chicks around the pool talking and laughing and generally being relieved at finding other women who "Got" them. We had all come from our corners of the globe to SEE each other.

At 2007 BlogHer, I had a fairly extensive Blogger Identity Crisis and Breakdown. True Wife was VERY new and shiny and popular and being syndicated, I was being interviewed extensively about it...I was one of the heralded gang of ClubMom paid MommyBloggers. I had TURNED DOWN Huffington Post. When the event which later inspired the "Stealing isn't Cool" post occurred, I was already fairly fried. That sent me into my hotel bed, under the kind gazes of Izzy, Nancy, Jen and Karen who let me stew and simmer and simply be.

I swore off most things Blogging after that. Sure, I did my "job" as required under contract(s)...but I was sick of it. I sure as hell wasn't going to fight another person over swag or invites or any other damn thing. I didn't want to review jack shit. I didn't want to represent any company or brand. I didn't want to hear about turning my stories into scripts. Screw all of that.

Now, some people grow and thrive on those things. I am not a hater. Truly. I simply CAN NOT do those things, so rather than stand at the window pane looking wistfully at something I never wanted to do in the first place, I simply closed my eyes to all of it.

Ignorance might not be bliss, but it can sure as hell save you an ulcer.

So when I now stumble across blog posting about bloggers begging to go to parties, I think "Really?!"

I was not invited to a thing, outside of the Voices of the Year Gala - which I am planning to bust out a dress of such supreme awesomeness that the angels will weep. I am totally NOT shitting you.

And you know what? I am entirely ALL right with that. This year I am returning to my San Jose 2006 blog feeling. I will sit in common, open to all, areas. I will bond with people I have never heard of and maybe (hopefully) see some long time Blog Loves, with whom I will drink and laugh and talk. I will allow my fragile self to receive the kudos of my peers at the Voices of the Year Gala, and soak in that what I do here in Blog World is Good. And Important. And Recognized.

But exclusivity? And Party Lists? And Invitations?

I'm Sorry, Blog World. It's not you - It's me. You want a commitment and I am a poly amorous kind of gal in this regard. So, look for me in the common areas. Rocking some fabulous dresses. And my tattoo.

You'll know me by my fabulous ankles.

6 Baleful Regards:

Karen Bodkin said...

I would gladly go back to 2006 - it was more intimate.
I am not going to BlogHer this year for several reasons, which are all personal and do not include anything to do with BlogHer and how big it's gotten (I'm going to school and cannot justify the $1000 it would cost me).
I hope you have a great time but take it from me - prepare to be overwhelmed! It's so big now!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Except for 2007 (I gave birth), I have been to every BlogHer - it has gotten a little unwieldy. This is my first year attending a private party. While I am excited about it, I am acutely aware that I still managed to have an amazing time at the last four BlogHers I have attended. Perspective.

It makes me sad that BlogHer takes the time to gather an amazing group of moderators and presenters for what is supposed to be a CONFERENCE and yet folks still clamor for the swag and parties. They are missing the point, but even more so, they paint a sad picture for folks who don't even attend the conference.

Dawn said...

I am going to miss you dearly Karen.

Kelli - it's funny that we haven't met - it has always felt to me like I met EVERYBODY at the 2006 event, simply because it was so intimate.

I am not good at Big Social things IRL, let alone EVENTS where people are looking at you. I would happily put a paper sack on my head and sit reading in a corner with a martini.

And it is a conference, but some of it has become "How to get Famous Blogging", hasn't it? And that is so not my vibe, baby.

Just like with everything, the cream rises to the top and 90% of the people who are there this year will be disappeared from BlogLand next year.

In all honesty, I would love a small, dimly lit room where those of us (Or those with similar mindsets) from 2006 could sneak into a room, and put our feet in a kiddie pool and re-create San Jose.

Just chicks. Writerly chicks. Drinking. Laughing. Bonding.

Bethany said...

Now that I know you and Cagey are going to BlogHer makes me wish I was going. If circumstances were a bit different here I would take the train in just to hang with you guys.

I hope you have a great time.

Nancy said...

I would revisit BlogHer in a heartbeat if I knew it would be like 2006. Too big, too commercial now. I could not give a damn about monetizing my blog, optimizing for search results, increasing page views. I don't care about the cliques and the A-list. I just would love to hang out and bond by the pool as we did in the old days.

That said, I'm so thrilled for you and I hope you kick butt at the Voices of the Year gala. You and your fabulous ankles.

Amira said...

I love the confidence and self-awareness you ooze in this post. I wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling experience at this year's BlogHer.

You rock that shit out with your fabulous ankles and tattoo!

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