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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Terrance (From Living Room): I just sent you something

Dawn (In Bedroom): What? I can't hear you the fan is blowing on me.

Terrance (living room): SENT YOUR SOMETHING IN EMAIL

Dawn (Bedroom): I'm not on email, I'm doing something else

Terrance walks from the living room to the bedroom: "Open your email"

Dawn (In bed, with wet washcloth on head, fan blowing on her): "Does it have to be now - it's too hot."

Terrance: Just open the email.

Dawn: Fine. What is it?

Terrance : Just something I sent you

Dawn: Did you just send me the definition of an ethnography? I KNOW what a freaking ethnography is...

Terrance: But look, if you just read through here and answer these questions, you'll have your methodology answers

Dawn: It is 10 o clock at night and 90 degrees. I do not want to discuss research methodologies with you. And I KNOW what an ethnography is - I am doing something in the social constructionist vein....NOT Ethnography. GET out of here.

Terrance: I'm just trying to help. Did you read it?

2 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

I'm mid-way through my PhD. And this, this is what my also PhDing boyfriend calls the summer of discontent. You see, I too am having methodology woes.

Thanks for the laugh and the perspective.

Lea said...

I'm just starting my dissertation proposal :(
Never have I wanted to succumb to my lazy-assedness more than now.

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