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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Morning so far:

12 half assed attacks on the rabbits launched by psychotic cat stuck inside because of rain

1 attempt made to clean up the rabbit piss all over the floor, most likely associate with the above "attacks"

2 arguments between Terrance "Birthday Boy" and Emily "Faking Sick" about brushing her teeth and combing her hair

1 attempt by husband to be funny as I was bending over to sweep up rabbit poo and clean piss. This attempt involved grinding in simulated sex motion on my bent over ass while I attempted to corral the stray poos.  Attempt was greeted with these words "This has got to be the least erotic thing you could do at this moment".

4 mentions of how sick each other member of the family felt, while holding a body part to emphasize said "illness"

1 realization that husband had thrown away all extra newspaper used for attempting to deter rabbits from random pissing on sides of litter box since the cat - so recently saved from the icy clutches of Stray Cat Doom at shelter - has decided to terrorize the rabbits by leaping into the room to watch them flee.

0 - awareness of how much food there is to eat in house, not counting the sad apple left in the fruit bowl which everyone has avoided for some unspoken reason.

0 cups of coffee

5 ibuprofen

2 Baleful Regards:

Kirsten said...

I want to grab some coffee and an awesome breakfast and head your way! what a morning!! Hopefully it gets better...MUCH better!!

Elly Lou said...

You need to follow that day up with a 6 pack o' beer.

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