Blissdom Canada

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Did I mention that I signed up for this, oh ages ago?

And Yep, I am completely dragging my utterly sorry ass out of my house and going.
I even just booked the train tickets,so there is no turning back.

I may be depressed, but I HATE wasting money.

And I hear there is going to be free wine at the first party, so we all know that I am all about the free wine.

I may even be forced to come up with some kind of costume for the final party, although I am not sure the Blog World is ready for me as "Naughty Nurse" or "Beer Garden Girl"....

5 Baleful Regards:

Karen Bodkin said...

See you Friday night!

The formerly Sarah Two of envisage said...

I love the Blissdom folks and wish I was going to Canada for this event. You'll be surrounded by some people I really adore!

Nolie said...

Blissdom is a great reason to drag our butts out of the house. What train you arriving on? I am training it as well.

Elan Morgan said...

This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!

roo said...

I am totally ready to see you in a Naughty Nurse uniform.

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