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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tomorrow, we are interviewing a high school for Emily.

Yep, you read the right. A HIGH SCHOOL. In Montreal, there is no middle school. 7th grade begins high school.

So, I am just this side of a major panic/anxiety/complete mothering meltdown in which I weep for my Youth whilst simultaneously trying to disengage all the memories of what goes ON in High Schools.  More specifically, what I was doing in High School.  Ergo, what Emily will be getting up to in High School, made only more god-awful by the not-invented-when-I-was-in-high-school Digital technology.

Makes a woman want to wrap her daughter in suit of barbed wire secured with a double chastity belt and run for the hills.

Combine this with my continuing attempt to wade through possibly the most terrible part of 'ze PhD - the methodology - and I can feel my fragile grasp on reality slipping away into the loving arms of Zynga Games on Facebook.

We are interviewing a high school tomorrow.

Hold me, Internet.

2 Baleful Regards:

Madeleine said...

As usual, I am one year behind you, hyperventilating in advance. There are Middle Schools in Toronto, but we might like this private school that starts at 7. Just had a conversation tonight, in fact, about whether we might be able to afford it if I increase my work hours. Breath, breath, breath.

IzzyMom said...

I totally feel your anxiety. I have very strong feelings about mixing younger kids with much older kids. Hang in there, mama :\

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