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Monday, November 01, 2010

So, I was at this conference this past week - and it was OK. By that I mean that I didn't attend but one of the talks, and got so quickly freaked out, horrified and vaguely distressed that I fled the venue and retreated to my room to listen to the dulcet sounds of the union protesters picketing out front.

I also got fairly inebriated two of the three nights and met some lovely bloggers who may or may not know my policy of imprinting:

Once Dawn has decided that you are "good people" you will be placed in her internal friends column. This may occur with little to no effort from you. Unless like poor Palinode, she announced the policy to you - in between her detailed description of various graphic novels and 1980's alt bands - after her fifth glass of white wine. She may also just give you her debit card and tell you to go get more money for booze.

While I did not interact with more than five or six people that I can recall interacting with ...and lets just say that it is safe to assume that after my 4th gin and tonic I don't really recall, especially when I am not wearing my glasses in order to make my mask fit better and seem like everything was in a vaguely sexy myopic fog.... I DID come up with a good idea.

It was during the talk I visited for a little bit. Also, it was my general feeling being surrounded by polished Mom type people with shiny boots and carefully done makeup...Myself in my Rocket Dog Skull sneakers, black skirt and variety of T-shirts (zombie avoidance, Mother Daughter Fight Club/Book Club shirt, RavenClaw and old skool Green Eggs and Ham), no makeup, with bound copies of  The Walking Dead I had found at a bookstore for $9.90 (SQUEEEE!!!).  Also, at no time was I looking at my Phone in order to tweet, text or otherwise engage in phone based social media.

So, Ok. I didn't much LOOK like them.

And my kid - she's cute, for sure..but she is also six months from being a teenager.  I have been blogging since she was 5, so I got no cute baby to coo about, or funny toddler or even endearing kindergartener. I got the hard core parenting shit going down here. The truly UN-Glamorous end of parenting. I have to discuss really difficult things with her, as the protection I can offer her from the world at large is so thin that  it is translucent.  She is closer to leaving me than coming From me.

Not alot of parenting commonality there.

Finally, I care fuck-all for being a "brand". Just the fact that I just used the word "fuck-all" lets you know that I am not looking to be a brand, because I suspect one of the unspoken rules is try to not swear too fucking much in your fucking blog.  HAH! I love to swear. I love the feel of swears rolling off my tongue and fingertips. It remains as delightful now as it did when I was 14 and said "bitch" in front of my mother with no repercussions.

I also like sex - and like to talk about sex. I love my Penis Blog and have never hidden that it is mine. I love that it is popular in alternative sex communities.  Ribald and Bawdy make me laugh. I also like to eat and occasionally get fat. I have never been skinny and even at my thinnest am not considered skinny. I am, in every way, a woman out of the Renaissance - lush, sexual, well educated, and in love with the sensual gifts of the world.

So where do I fit in, amongst this community of Women? Amongst this community of Parents? Amongst this community of Bloggers?

I am not Club. I am not Yummy, I am not Bad.

I am, however, a Badass. Phi Delta Badass, in fact.

So - I am starting  my Own space, called Phi Delta Badass, where Moms and Dads and in-betweens or No, Thank You's can mingle.   I've got some sketched out ideas about how I want it to be, and I have purchased the domain and email and blog space.  In rough draft, I want it to be a place for Me - a place where I am not looking to get a book deal, or lure advertisers to sponsor me or Brand anything. An Authentic Space. An occasionally raw and raunchy space. A space which promotes and explores fashion and beauty in a way that is less conventionally polished, but still utterly beautiful.

So this is what is rolling around in my head. I can't promise anything will come of it. It is all still very much an embryonic bean of an idea, so I have set a space aside for it to see what it will become.

What do you think?

14 Baleful Regards:

aussiehen said...

Two thumbs up :-)

Bethany said...

I'm not much of a joiner, hell I'm not even sure I like people, but I could get behind Phi Delta Badass.

Dawn said...

I believe, Bethany, you just summed up some essential quality of my still unformed Phi Delta Badass.

For the people who aren't even sure they like people.

Jen from Inside My Head said...

I dig this idea. :) Let me know if I can help somehow.

Chris said...

I don't usually join clubs and I freak out at big group things but Phi Delta Badass sounds like my kind of place.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I am not a Pod Mom, but am not a Badass, either. Still, I am in. If the Badasses will have me.

Harry/Sally said...

Don't really think of myself as a Badass. Could some of us meeker misfits also apply?(I do like to swear, if that helps)

More to the point, although I read my share of "mommyblogs," my kids are 27 and 19, I am authentically an elder, and also in a new and passionate relationship. I don't see many blogs that speak to those things. I write my own blog with little sense of who I'm speaking to. . .

Dawn said...

absolutely Meeker - or as I like to think it, a milder version of badass, are more than welcome.

Your second point intrigues me too - I think there is a place for discussion of passion and sexuality BEYOND "how to keep the spark after kids" kinds of discussions I generally see out there in the blog-o-sphere. I had a discussion with Schmutzie at the Blissdom conference where we talked about having the 36 year old Sexual Awakening.

The beauty of the age is that you really don't care who thinks what and if you always wanted to "try" that toy or role play or whatever then dammit, Why the hell Not?

Christine Bilek said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years, you are grouped in with my "mommy blogs" on my reader...and not in my "misc" category (I have them for food/couponing/misc)...but I agree, if you don't feel like you fit into the molds out there, make your own!

ATC said...

Wow. That sounds like a place where even I might feel a little more at home.

And I don't feel at home in too many crowds.

If there's anything I can do to help out let me know.

Ginnysicle said...

I fucking love it! And I love your description of your love of swearing--you put into words what I can't describe to people. They don't understand I can't just STOP swearing, it's my release valve.

dramamama said...

This sounds like the place for me!

Unknown said...

Go for it, Dawn! I'm in so deep I'll follow you anywhere. ;o)

Mitzi Green said...

what do i think? what do i THINK?

i think i must have had one shitstorm of a week to have missed this post the first time.

i also think it's a pity you can't see me sitting here at my desk waving my hand and bouncing around in my chair a'la 3rd grade squealing "ME! ME! ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!"

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