An interlude in Pictures

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I find that I forget to put pictures here. I load them onto facebook, or send them off to Envisage, but I rarely put them Here.

Hi! This is me walking to my massage therapist today. Yep, It is Cold in Montreal, but Hey. It is winter. And it is still January. It is supposed to be cold.

This is the foyer where I take my rug hooking classes. I really Love my rug hooking classes. I look forward to Tuesday All week.  And what else can make you say that about a Tuesday? Which brings me to:

My most recent rug. It is actually a bit more finished at this point, but this was last week. The rug I have planned for after this one will be my maternal grandparents farm.

Here is Coco making sure her likeness to up to her standards. She has not urinated on anything, so I have to take that as her saying OK to the rendering.

I am older. I am a bit worn, but I am still me. 

5 Baleful Regards:

MOCK! said...

It is good to "see" you, my friend.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Wow. I LOVE your rugs. It makes me want to relearn rug-hooking!

This also makes me miss the days of knitting groups. I miss sitting with women while knitting away and having interesting conversation.

velocibadgergirl said...

Wow, nice job on the rug! And I love your green hat :)

Amira said...

Woah! This is the first time I've seen the face behind this blog. I just googled what rug hooking was and now realize the work it must've taken to make your rug. Nice job, indeed!

Anonymous said...


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