A lie is a lie is a lie

Monday, March 14, 2011

There is an oft repeated lie floating in the ether that Union members make 42% MORE than non-union "private sector" workers.


This isn't true.

What makes this 42% number?

Partially, it reflects the cost of Paid time off. You know those sick days and vacation days and paid holiday days?  Because getting paid time off is SO WRONG. Only Socialists want paid time off to care for their sick child! Or to stay Home and Not infect the rest of their colleagues with Bronchitis!

Partially, it reflects the cost of providing your workers Health Insurance. You know, so they can have those pesky Pap Smears, or have their Heart Disease Treated.  Also, the Prescription Drug Benefit so they can buy their insulin...or anti-depressants, or thyroid medication, or antibiotics for their children's ear infections! Only Socialists want health care and medication.

And Dental and Vision Benefits - Because only Socialists want to see correctly, or chew their food with the real teeth!

Most business do, indeed, calculate the cost of the full benefit package at about 42% - that includes all health benefits, time off and any other thing they provide as an option for their employees. That does not mean that union members earn 42% more in ACTUAL TAKE HOME SALARY, simply that the cost of the negotiated benefits is estimated as a portion of a Larger total.

And, just for giggles, let's multiply a crazy salary of say...$8.00 per hour!

Which is, after all WAY over minimum wage.

42% More (which is the lie perpetrated by those wanting to strip people of their Right to negotiate) is a whopping $11.36 per hour.

Break out the caviar and champagne!

We must strike back at the lie with an examination of the Why, and the facts that are being used against workers in every industry. It is disingenuous to claim that Wall Street Bankers who absolutely MUST have their Million dollar bonus deserve More than your average teacher, police officer, industry worker, nurse, or any other unionized work member.

Now who is the Thug?

1 Baleful Regards:

Dawn said...

Gah, I forgot to mention Dental and Vision Benefits. Because only Socialist want to see or be able to chew their food with real teeth!

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