An Ode to Winter, in Pictures

Thursday, March 03, 2011

As it is Winter Break, we decide to head to THE sledding hill - in Parc Mont Royal. The "Mountain" as we refer to it in Montreal.

I prepare for the first sledding run of the afternoon. And Yes, it is as cold as you think it is.

I prepare for my epic solo flight.

See that blur, with the snow flying behind? Me.  The snow is now blinding my glasses and I am about to spin around and slide down the rest of the hill backwards. But...I did not fall off.

After my hike back UP the hill, Em prepares for her Solo Flight.

She readies herself. Note the already assumed "bailing out" position.

She doesn't even make it all the way down before ditching. I secretly suspect it is because she didn't want to walk ALL the way up again.

Lac du Castor - the Skating pond.

At the last run, Em exclaims that she is "dead". Also that she can not feel her lips anymore so it is time to go home. Fair enough, I say.  But don't ever say that you lived in Montreal and never got to go sledding at the Mountain.

2 Baleful Regards:

Amira said...

Oh that looks like fun! We never get anywhere near that amount of snow here in Houston, or any snow at all, actually. In fact I've never, ever been in snow in all of my life. Anyway, I'd love to go sledding at least once in my life, ahaha.

So nice to see pictures of you two!

madge said...

Love that last pic of Em. A winter kid, to be sure.

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