Obsessive Compulsive Mom: Camp Planning Edition

Monday, April 25, 2011

All right, it pains me to confess this but I have already started to plan Emily's Camp Care packages.

An odd recessive gene from my own feral child parenting, this need to surround her with love and attention sometimes consumes me.

As in Yes, I have already begun to buy and stash away the items which I will carefully package and transport to camp - Pre-wrapped with Dates indicated on the wrapping. Handed in a Box to Counselor with instructions that they were to be given to Em on the dates indicated.

Last year, I scored Big Points. The first evening was a Pedicure party for the girls in her cabin, complete with foot scrub, toe separators and exciting polish colors in neon greens and silver ( among others). Also offered over the course of two weeks were a variety of Mad Libs, Silly Bandz, Facial Masks and Scrubs, Glitter Tattoo Pens, Some "would you rather" type quizzes, crazy stickers and Henna tattoos.

This year, the plastic craft lace I called "gimp" is what she is currently obsessed with, and I have ordered a couple of neon colors ( and glow in the dark) for her camp stash. I also have some new editions of the "would you rather" books already tucked away.  In consideration is a Klutz book on safety pin bracelets,  various quiz books intended for teen girls, a Calvin and Hobbes book, a book about how to do Cats Cradle with yarn included, and of course the repeats of the very popular pedicure and facial mask "parties".

Yes, I include enough for ALL girls in her cabin - and frankly Emily is so ridiculously kind that I can't imagine she would think to exclude anyone. While Em isn't naturally popular, she is unfailingly kind.  Often to her detriment and hurt feelings as she just doesn't understand other people and their urge to exclude.

She has Two- Two week stints at sleep away camp this year. The first session is "Midnight Madness" in which they will be exploring after dark.  The second Two weeks is Horseback riding and an Overnight Trail ride with their horses.  In fact, we just finished paying off the camp sessions today.

Hit me with your suggestions as to items I can be putting aside for these care packages - maybe things you got sent in your care packages? Ok Stop laughing.  I know most of us didn't get care packages.

After I get these done, I will resume the lace making for her wedding veil.

6 Baleful Regards:

Heather said...

Such a good mom!

I went to a "raiders of the dark" or some similar title when I was her age. It was for a week and it was AWESOME!!

PS I was a care packageless kid!

Cindylou said...

http://www.klutz.com/craft-book/Paper-Beads I was very into these beads as an almost teenager, we used old magazines for the paper.

I think that the girls might like a time capsule, they can write down important stuff, put in what is hot this year and open it next year at camp.

I know the camp kids I work with love the clip in hair extensions in neon colors. And hair wraps.

Ginnysicle said...

Something glow in the dark for the night camp, perhaps? I know at local skating rinks and such, glow sticks or glow necklaces are HUGELY popular.

MarciaAnn said...

you looking to adopt a nearly 45-yr old?! Seriously you're such a GREAT mom!!

Dawn said...

Paper beads book ordered C-Lou AND some Glow in the dark paper to make glow bracelets!

HP - Already scouting out the local stores for a variety of fun glow accouterments - I am also starting to hunt Glow in the Dark Nail polish.

Marcia Ann - Don't encourage me! I get really focused on this - I have devoted whole therapy sessions to my need to have everything perfect for her - to the extreme nth degree... I completely know that it is My issue and not hers so I balance my need to Provide to excess with what normal parents do.

What do normal parents do anyway?

Lea said...

How about a book about how to make different shadow puppets and a few little flashlights?

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