Things in My Bed: A Photo Essay

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A post from my 2006 ClubMom archives.

While the content of the things she leaves behind has changed somewhat, the premise is still sound. My daughter and I are bed people. As she gathered her things tonight to prepare for bed, I had to remind her to come back and get all of her stuff out of my room. These things included her computer, her earphones, two bags of snacks she had started and left unfinished, an empty cup, her socks AND school uniform shirt she had left on my floor as she changed out of her school clothes and into MY House Jammies, a book, her math homework and her pencil case. All of these things had been brought in since 3:30 p.m..

While I no longer sleep on Playmobil parts - and goodness knows I may have some permanent dents from where "potion bottles" embedded themselves into my ample thighs - I am still glad that my child still wants to be with me. Doing her homework in my bed in the afternoon as we lay together, talking and laughing about her day. I know that as she rapidly approaches her 13th birthday in May that we are in a twilight time of her childhood.

For us, my bed remains a place of talking and comfort. And I am so glad that we have that together.


My bed is my favorite place. Emily knows this and spends her weekend mornings cuddled around me while I snooze and she plays or watches cartoons.

When I say "Plays" - I mean it. My bed becomes massive Playmobil wonderlands - or art supplies are brought out and projects are created. I have never objected to these mass emigrations of toys into my bed simply because it allows me more time to lie IN bed , quietly, on the weekend. Let's be honest,  as soon as my body becomes truly vertical in the house - IT IS ON! I try to post pone that moment for as long as humanly possible.

The repercussion of this policy are that bits and pieces are always left behind in my bed. Oft times I find them by accident, as I roll on them.

This Sunday was no different. She plays, I snooze - and when I get vertical - IT IS ON! Sheets must be changed, dishes must be washed, Floors must be damp mopped and tubs scrubbed. I remind Em to get everything off my bed. She assures me that she has.

Upon my disassembling of my bed, this is what I found:


An orange scrunchie
a pastel bead bracelet
Several small Playmobil pieces (vine, ironing board, Hair, trowel, hotdogs, flowers)
A tinkerbell charm
A silver glitter pencil

But wait - There's more!


A Teal bingo marker
A red bead
A pink baby unicorn (Playmobil)
A jar of Bitty Baby Peas
A small Cell phone belonging to Marisol - The American girl of 2005
A pink glitter crayon
And the light up when you write, feather encrusted Spongebob pen. Last, but not certainly not least.

I suppose there will be a day when there are no toys in my bed, no sand in my sheets.  I suppose there will be a day when I do not beg for extra morning time and trade cartoons for quiet play.

But for now, I do what every parent does. I strip the bed. I change the sheets. I bring all the pieces and parts back into her room and put them away.

2 Baleful Regards:

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I was just telling a friend last night that our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms. We hang out, we cuddle, the kids play on our bed, we watch TV, we read up there. Very comfortable. And yes, I've rolled over on more than Play Mobil piece. Sigh. I have to clear a path to the bathroom nearly every night so that I don't mangle my feet should I need to get up in the dark.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

And yes, I have YOU to thank for the whole Play Mobil thing. Or blame. Either one.

Thanks! ;-)

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