Dear White Actresses of the world:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I want to personally thank you for your refreshing choice of a movie role as White, Upstanding, Female Ingenue who bravely battles racism by your clever manipulation of your white privilege. This is as true today as when I first wrote this in 2007.

Where would the poor black/latino children be without you? I mean - honestly. Had they not seen your perfect giant teeth and size 2 body clad in designer clothing, they would be forever doomed to their careers as future pimps/drug dealers/thugs/rioters and crack whores.

You have inspired me to run down into an unsavory part of town and start, I mean "re-educating" them. Them being the non-whites, of course.

Perhaps you can bring them Jesus Christ as their personal savior in your next movie.

Maybe you can BE Jesus Christ in your next movie. I bet Mel would love to direct.

And Oh, I love this flow chart with the passion of a million suns. Why Yes, I DO love Coolio! :

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