How Can I get more Dawn?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

You ask yourselves. I know. I often wonder the very same thing. Or would if I wasn't my own best and most appreciative audience.

Seriously, I KILL inside my mental amphitheater.  It's all lighters and encores in here, baby.

Where you too can be privvy to the usually funny, occasionally esoteric, often confusing conversation in my mind.

Where else can you get things like this?

"At the dance academy for the morbidly shy, skeletons must be used for partners"

Or This:

"The source of her headaches was obvious to onlookers. Marie-Catherine, however, remained oblivious."

It is cryptic comic GOLD.

I also just realized that this past week marked my Six Year Blogging birthday ? anniversary? Blogiversary?

Six Years.

I'm uncharacteristically speechless.

1 Baleful Regards:

Average Jane said...

Happy bloggiversary! (I know, I hate made-up words like that, too.)

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