And so it begins

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Emily: Can I have the next skirts for school shortened?

(Me laughing hysterically)

Me: Um, No. They are at your knee, as specified by the handbook.  You are not having your skirts shortened.

Emily: (exasperated): But everyone else has their skirts shorter!

Me: I could care less if they have their skirts up to their belly buttons - YOU are not having your skirts shortened.

Emily: I look like a nun.

(exit the stomping 13 year old)

Hold me, internet. 

3 Baleful Regards:

Magic27 said...

I went to an old-fashioned, all-girl English private school (and pretty much hated it); of course there was a uniform: itchy, mold-green wool A-line skirts and blazers, white and green striped shirts, oatmeal knee-high socks, oatmeal cardigan and an ankle-length burgundy wool cape.
On the first day of every term, at the morning assembly, each class had to kneel down in a line. The class teacher came along and checked that each skirt was just touching the floor - no longer, no shorter. If your skirt wasn't the right length, your name was noted down and you had to the test the next day. If you "failed" twice, you got detention.
Length of skirt was thus pretty much set in stone.
BUT - most girls I knew had mothers willing to take in the side hems and make the skirt more "pencil" and less "A-line".
Note I said "most mothers". Mine, of course, refused.
I feel for both of you, I really do - my elder girl hits middle school next year and I know there will be battles. Yet, at the same time, I've BEEN THERE.

Dawn said...

These are pretty flattering skirts, all told. She *could* roll the top - but I wasn't telling her that. She will have to figure out that on her own.

I think it is because she sees the older girls looking cute - and she hasn't figure that out quite yet. That being said, I spent the weekend shopping for cute blue knee socks and blue footless tights ( not to mention two new neckties for the uniform at 19.99 A PIECE)

But yes. It is part of the circle of teen life, I am afraid. At least the makeup battles haven't yet begun.

J from Ireland said...

Hahaha I have this same issue with my 14yo daughter nearly every day. She goes to an all girls Catholic school in Ireland, she rolls her skirt at the top to shorten it. I say roll it down, she says I am making her look like a nun, by the time she is home from school its rolled up so much its a mini and and then I freaked. Rince lather repeat!!! Fun times I tell ya.

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