Sunday Afternoon in September

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Today I was required to buy a tube of Super Glue.  Then I had to figure out how to get the package open...followed by how to get the tube open.  By the time I worked it all out, I rested and pondered how dangerous this product had to be, given the time and effort placed into sealing it into consecutive layers of plastic security.

The reason for all of this was the pencil sharpener. Emily had broken it nearly immediately after we bought it, twisting the back off and somehow detaching it.  I carefully applied the Glue of Doom and gingerly placed it on the Porch step.  Because I did not want to be seen attempting to fruitlessly pry the plastic pencil shaving container from the metal stairs, I placed it on its side to dry.  Besides, these stairs and I have history and there was no way I was re-fighting those battles.

Of course, all of this necessitated Loki coming out to investigate.  Plus, since he has the most Fur-to-body ratio, any contact with the Glue of Doom would be just disastrous. And we all know who would be placed in charge of shaving the cat, right? yep. Me.  So There I sat.  Watching the Cat. Watching the Glue Dry.

Following a lengthy bath and claw sharpening session on the side of my leg, Loki settled in to pretend he likes me. (I'm not kidding - you can see my torn up leg there in the corner of the picture) I am his least preferred Adult.  I am the least preferred Adult of all the animals.  You'd think they would know on which side their bread was buttered. geesh.

And then, because there was no one there to tell me not to, I lay down in the grass and listened to the crickets sing to me of the borderline between seasons.

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