Lick and Learn

Monday, January 09, 2012

All right - perhaps I find this much funnier than I should. However, I think I have established the "Dawn's sense of humor is a little off beat" vibe...

So Easter morning, 7 a.m. and the bounty of the Easter bunny is being dumped on my vaguely conscious body. I had fallen asleep at 2 a.m., so I am groggy at best.

I  hear the bag with the fancy dancy bath salts being opened and sniffed. I roll to get a better look at Emily - just in time to see her say "Yum!" and pluck a hunk of mineral salt out of the bag and pop it into her mouth.

Her face contorts. She sticks her tongue out - not unlike a frog who has swallowed a poisonous bug - and the salt falls out into her lap. Plop. She remains very quiet - clearly embarrassed by popping a bath salt into her mouth, and rolls over to lick the taste off on the quilt.

I pretend to have seen nothing, as I grin into my pillow.

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