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Monday, January 23, 2012

Q: Do older men of French descent really wear beret's?

And other visions from the Big Bang Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum

I was so moved by this exhibit that I gave little attention to the Feininger exhibit, walking through it in a daze. Tonight I announced that I need to go back and revisit Feininger, as I found his images re-playing in my head throughout today - a sure sign that there is more there for me to absorb.

3 Baleful Regards:

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the museum tour and the affirmation about older frenchmen.

Gurukarm said...

Love that orange glass ...thing - what did they call it? did it even have a name? No matter, love it anyway!

Dawn said...

A Lamp - and it was stunning - I couldn't get enough of it - Emily deserted me and moved on while I walked around and around it.

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