Monday, December 04, 2006

You know those weekends? The ones where you have a TON of things you should be doing, but instead of doing those things ( Oh, I don't know, like writing all of your big, important final papers), you ditch it all and run off with your friends to your former home and then proceed to drink and dance, vomit and then get asked to "leave" the establishment?

Not that I know anything about that last bit. Nope. Nothing at all. Nada. Zippo.

So up until the moment when you jumped the alcohol shark, you had been taking pictures. Because you weren't ready to dance yet. Then, at some point, the god of wine bitch slapped you and you became really, really intoxicated.

And I am not a gusher, but this band is so kick ass good it is sinful. And the fact that they played a kick ass set for 5 drunken friends and a handful of vaguely unworthy others only further attests to their status. Oh, and may I add that the unworthies didn't even get up and DANCE. WTF?

May I introduce you to Lovewhip?

Lovewhip? May I introduce you to my friends?

This last picture? The last one on my camera before I got too intoxicated to continue. Hypothetically, that is. Erin is the lead singer and I know how old she is, but I was sworn to secrecy.

So here are the people I was with - my girls. The Bad ass cohort.

This is Lisa. She's fast and wily.
This is Leah. It is her fault that I ever even started a blog in the first place. Blame her, for everything.
This is Pilar. The dimples, My GOD, the dimples.
And this is Denise. I have agreed to allow her to maintain Lemony Snickett like anonimity. But do you love the way she has pimped my shirt?

And where is Dawn, you wonder?

Aw.....Here I am. Wearing my new Lovewhip Shirt.

11 Baleful Regards:

Mignon said...

Did you get booted because you booted? (Is that west coast -only vernacular for puke?)

That band chick is hot. Their t-shirt looks like the view from the wrong end of the gyno exam table, though.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, something in the air this weekend...I drank until I booted right in my very own home. Have not been that inebriated in years. Two days later and I'm still hung over, and maybe still just a little bit drunk.

good times

Anonymous said...

It has been a few years since I booted thanks to alcohol. I have worked hard to increase my tolerance.

Sounds like a fabulous time, all in all. Glad you got out and went a little crazy!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are SO CUTE. And so are your friends, btw! I do love how Denise pimped the shirt, although I can't really tell from the photo exactly what she did.

That Lovewhip song is pretty catchy.

Anonymous said...

Sooo....dancing, drinking and vomiting are the reasons why you have not been by to see me? Huh? Go ahead. Say it. I can take it.

Anonymous said...

Leah is SO farking hot.

Anonymous said...

At least I can live vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

They LOOK like your peeps, even the lead singer looks like she could be one of your BFFs.

I'm so glad you got a chance to blow off some steam. I know how much you needed it.

E. said...

Man! I wish I could've been there. I would have danced. Booty booty booty.

I like the song. They've got some early Luscious Jackson going on, and that's a very good thing.

Fraulein N said...

Looks like you had so much fun it hurt.

mamatulip said...

That looks like FUN.

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